I have a broad based and well diversified foundation of skill sets. I have practical experience in automotive mechanics, HVAC, diesel and gas turbine repair and power generation. I have real world experience in generator sizing and needs assessments. I have electrical and electromechanical research and design experience. I can design, size, consult on and repair most MAN, WAN and LAN configurations right down to the PC and device level. I have a broad network protocol knowledge to go alone with all my IT skills. I have refined skills in web development, eCommerce, social and media marketing.  I have a real work hands on knowledge of security alarms, access control and CCTV architecture\implementation. I enjoy people and have an excellent report with most all I interact with. My written and communication skills are highly developed. Additionally they are complimented with my direct and cold sales experience.  I love challenges, refining solutions and genuinely helping others. VirTech LLC is veteran owned and is a veteran friendly business.

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